CEIMAS – Centro Internacional de Mandala, Arte e Simbolismo CEIMAS – Centro Internacional de Mandala, Arte e Simbolismo

  • Myrian Romero

    Myrian Romero

    Myrian Romero is from São Paulo, Brazil. She loves the sea, enjoys traveling, getting to know new cultures, dancing and hosting friends at home. Since her childhood, art is one of her favorite sources of fun, so it was natural to choose Fine Arts as her first graduation. As she carried a restless soul, she saw the power of art as a resource of health and spontaneity, and made of this path the meaning of her life. She is an Art Therapist, Transpersonal Psychology post-graduate and certified through MARI® (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) and Creating Mandala Program – Suzanne Fincher (Atlanta, USA). She is a Deep Memory Process graduate (Roger Woolger) and she is a Post-Graduate Professor. She has worked for more than 20 years in Art Therapy Studios, and offers both individual and group sessions. Myrian facilitates Art Therapy and mandala workshops, trainings and extension courses all over Brazil. She believes in the power of transformation of the Being through a path of beauty and expressive autonomy. She meditates, smiles and gives many hugs on a daily basis.

  • Thais Alves

    Thais Alves

    Thais Alves
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