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See two examples of Mandalas Journey

V. is a 14-year-old teenager, a student, healthy.

Main complaint:

  • He is going through a period with conflicts and he feels lost.
  • He is trying to understand what belongs to him and what belongs to others.
  • He faces challenges, like changing schools, which created a high level of insecurity.


V. says that when he looks at that image he sees some confusion and that sometimes it reminds him of a volleyball, a damaged one. He links that to the mix of feelings and thoughts that are inside him, and says that he felt light and at peace as he expressed his feelings.


V. says that he feels that that “eye” was observing him, seeing what he thought and felt. It brings a feeling of heaviness and he says that it is due to his anxiety. As he looks at the image he feels that there is happiness even if it is not possible to see it. Even though there are expressed cores of anxiety and tension in this image, it is important to notice how inner order has started to establish itself. The center has already arisen.


V. says that this mandala makes him feel lightness, a sense of relaxation and a happy feeling. He also says that since he started drawing mandalas, he feels lighter, looser. We can see that in this mandala, consciousness starts a purification process. It brings luminous aspects to consciousness.

Great Wheel

(3 mandalas after “Symbol”)

V. calls this mandala the “Great Wheel,” as it awakens a feeling of joy in him, and that life has a movement. Sometimes we are up there and then we are down. That brings a great relief to V., as he realizes, for the first time, that the ups and downs of life are part of a single movement.


(7 mandalas after ‘Great Wheel’)

V. says that he didn’t have the intention of drawing anything that would remind him of Brazil. He started using the colors that came to his mind, and when he saw the result, he associated it with Brazil, that reminds him of the joy of people, nature, water, a boat, maps, beaches, the sun, forests, happiness. V. says that he is very different than when he started the work with the mandalas. He always says that he feels more calm and relaxed. When he is drawing, he says he feels very good, as if his body was so light that it could float. In this mandala we can see colors, traces and limits that indicate an inner order.


From the first mandala (Earth) to the last (Brazil), consciousness went through a pathway to establish outlines and limits that could reduce the anxiety and anguish symptoms. It is interesting to notice the name that he gave to the last mandala – “Brazil,” a country with limits and geographic borders that are quite clear.

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