CEIMAS – Centro Internacional de Mandala, Arte e Simbolismo CEIMAS – Centro Internacional de Mandala, Arte e Simbolismo

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“When I decided to do the mandala’s training, I was looking for a tool that could help me in my personal transformation process. However, I found more than that. The result was so fantastic that, of course, I needed to bring this wonderful tool to my patients, once I am a clinical psychologist. My graduation is in cognitive behavioral therapy among others, and the mandala training offered me one more way to perform in my work with amazing results. This is a process that certainly is worth experience. I undoubtedly recommend it for health professionals.”

Célia Vaisbich Ignácio


  • “It was a surprising experience because it was more than a training. It was a deep inner process of transformation. One leaves the course totally ready to apply everything that was presented, and completely different than how they were when they arrived. The combination of theory and practice is perfect. At each stage that is concluded, there is space to experiment with the content that was presented in a ludic and easy-going way.”

    Ricardo Naccarato

  • “The training in Therapeutic Mandalas made me see my inner world and the mandala’s transformative power in another way. Through studying the different types and colors, I started unveiling my inner images, and at each mandala that I made I could see myself changing within and also the change on the outside. Each meeting surprised me more and more and increased my passion for the mandalas. I left those meetings feeling empowered, knowing myself better and carrying with me a magical tool to ease the process of others. ”

    Enaise Kalil

  • “It is an excellent training, the professionals are very competent, and I have been using it a lot with myself and in my work. In psychotherapeutic care, the mandalas and its resource help to unveil the unconscious and the “path” roamed by it, helping a lot in a process attendance.”

    Célia Lameiro Rodrigues

  • “The experience with the training transformed me. It enabled me to come to my center and get in touch with myself again. As a tool or work resource, it was revealing because of the spontaneity in which inner content can manifest and be worked on.”

    Claudia Prado

  • “Taking the training was like venturing in a new world of colors and discoveries… My inner child got more alive and it also brought peace to the complex woman that I am nowadays. It is a training that touches the soul in many ways and with many colors.”

    Sonia Limonge

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